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Thread: New Time Portal items

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    New Time Portal items

    I hate the gambling aspect of the Time Portals, and up to now I'd avoided them, but I really love the look of the Azure Window item for the new Time Portal. Since two of the other items also look quite good, I decided to try this one, with a limit of 40 gold, stopping if I got the Window.

    I was lucky enough to get 3 different items - the Fishing Friends, Luzzu boats, and Azure Window. Since in my own personal accounting, the Azure Window is worth 30 gold, I'm happy with this. All three of them are artifacts, so there's no upgrade change in appearance, and the rep is too low to be useful in repping up, but the Window is a first-rate item and fits in very well with water areas.

    Here it is where you can compare the size with Atlantis Island:

    Here are the Fishing Friends (boat with little Maltese dog) and Luzzu boats (plus an old lifeboat item):

    If I got the last item (a small salt-pan thing) on another spin for 10 gold I would then have what looks like a lovely scene of the Luzzu harbour in Malta to play. But you can see how little of a gambler I am that I've decided to quit while I'm ahead - 30 gold for what I've got is fine, but I think it's better to stop now.

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    Thanks Azara - I am not muchof a gambler either,and if I start I am afraid I wouldn't stop. However, I'm thinking I will do these chapters after what you have written. Thanks again.

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    Same target! I really like how natural the Azure Window looked. I was contemplating on the Elephant Rock but the shape bothered me so I've put off from buying it. Good thing I did and great thing PD came out with this!

    So, betting on whatever luck I had:
    1st spin: Luzzu Boats - not the target but not bad
    2nd spin: Azure Window - Oh bless the great god of luck that accidentally sprinkled me with some good fortune! Yes!!!

    I am good and happy with this.

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    I wish we could trade what we got with others. I only tried 1 time on the elephant portal and got what I wanted. This time I got the Fishing Friends (boat with the animated Maltese) , Azure window & 3 unwanted salt pools that I'm not very excited about (at least they are just 1 square). I don't think I'll try for Luzzu boats because I don't want to spend anymore gold. I ended up with 2 items I wanted for 50 Gold so they ended up costing me 25 gold each. Considering that most items are well over 25 Gold I was okay with the purchase. I have enough rep so that wasn't an issue for me.

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    Oh, you are so fortunate. I've spun 3 times and keep getting the salt pond. I so want the Azure Window. I will keep trying until I get it. I think it's gorgeous.

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    I was lucky for once-window on first spin! Excellent purchase for 10!

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    I also liked the prizes this time so I was tempted into playing. I got 2 of the salt pools, (boo) then the boats and finally the arch. So I'm still missing one of the prizes. It's not one I really wanted, so I'm good with that. My question is for those who have gotten all 4 of the items. how is the drop rate for glass? If it is about the same as regular scenes, I'll save my gold. Are the glass fragments you find just the same three that are in normal scenes?

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    got all 4 with 5 spins.. last one i got all 4 with 4 spins.. was lucky

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    last one i got all 4 with 4 spins this time it took me 7 to get all 4 items

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    3 salt ponds for me. now you all can see why i don't gamble. lol

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