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Thread: Which mission is best to farm CP?

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    Which mission is best to farm CP?

    Now that we have new chapters and seasons, is 12.2 still the best? Any season 2 missions better to farm?

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    i dont know if any of them are, however taking heroics into account, just a heroic itself may be quicker than the boss and epic boss, but in season 2 you get boss, epic boss and heroic... so 3 chances... but i havent farmed in some time, had a nice large amount, and now, with the new alts announced for icemans SO i need to get farming again, so i am interested to find out

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    mine is 2.1.4

    heroic, boss and epic while the mission is scaled down to the first time you play it.

    mine is lvl 52 and I am lvl 200, easy CP, but the drop rate is kinda bad.

    this only works in chapter 1 of season 2, mission 4 and 6. in chapter 2 onwards, the epic is dropped to 5 cp.

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    4.4, 12.2 are still both good and very viable, but in Season 2 you have the following options:

    2.1.1 (40 energy for boss and heroic, but may have to restart to get optimum)
    2.1.4 (100 energy, boss, heroic, Epic)
    2.2.4 (20 energy, heroic spin. Deploy wolv, beat miniboss, reclaim wolv, fight wolv heroic, restart)

    These have the benefit that they will always be runnable at the level you unlocked them, you dont have to worry about 5*ing or the like.

    2.3 however is terrible. Most of the heroics dont even have 1/3/5 (2.3.5 for instance only has 1cp as a reward) and the epics are 1/3/5 not 3/5/10.

    In the end 12.2 is still the most "energy efficient" farm but the drop rates have been lowered slightly because of it. But we have a plethora of good farms to choose from right now. Hopefully PD will stop the trend of newer chapters being terrible for cp. After all it doesnt really affect cp rate (since we will just farm older missions) it just means that once we have completed the new missions we basically forget they exist

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    @ Wickedduece, same for me and thats exactly why I asked. All good information. Thanks everyone I guess its time to stop being lazy... lol

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