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    I have sold over 100 spice guys, petals and fruit sellers...closing in another 100 to sell and I work full time so I can't play all day every day. I am sick and tired of them. I only play to win them for my guild.

    How about something else? I know that it can be done because I remember when they were changed and everyone was thrilled for something new.

    The time has come for something new.

    Tonight PD is shutting down for maintenance.....PAY ATTENTION...Need something new.


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    I second that opinion

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    Yes I agree 100% sick and tired of the same old prizes how about putting these old prize out to pasture and give us some new exciting prizes and up the Gold to 5 bars instead a measly 2 and same goes for the Crystal also have them more often then we get now would be awesome. !!!!!

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    crystals failed to register today

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    I think we'd all like to see the prizes changed out more often. It took them most of two years to change the first ones, though, so I'm not holding my breath waiting.

    Another thing I don't get is why lower level players get different prizes than others. There's about 4 or 5 different levels of prizes, with the main differences being that low-level players get less interesting things that are worth less. The only prize that everyone gets the same is the 2 gold one.

    You have to be at level 67 before you can compete for anything other than a rather small prize. You don't get any silver or time crystals until you are at level 67, for example, and even then it's only 3000 silver instead of 5000, and one crystal instead of 3. You get 1000, 3000 or 5000 silver instead of crystals until level 67.

    I don't understand why the prizes change from level to level. It would be so much easier on them just to make all the prizes the same.

    A change would be nice... maybe some of the things that Natalie brings around, just a sort of randomness with something like that thrown in once in a while would be more interesting.

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