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Thread: how to defeat apocolypse over 100000

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    how to defeat apocolypse over 100000

    help? anyone out there have ideas?

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    Apocalypse sorry

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    skip using gold

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    Not sure yet since I just got to that point, but I got over 100k on all of the Horseman battles without really having much of a proper team setup with people I use a lot. But since Beast as an INF is in the first wave, and Apocalypse has 18k health, I'm planning to just us Scrapper Quicksilver and Havok. Obliterate Beast in the first few turns with QS, and use a powered up lvl 2 from Havok to see about one shotting Apocalypse on each wave. Seems like buff or debuff teams won't work too well, for the first wave anyway, so pure straight up damage is what I'm going to try out first and see how it goes.

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    I passed with 108k. I feel the two people that need to be gotten rid of first are Beast and X-23, who are amazingly catastrophic these days. This was my set-up (doesn't mean it'll work for everybody but it's worth a shot). I was equipped in a tactician's power armor. My gear was the pawn, rook, vigilante toolkit, and scroll of anglobob (which is worthless until all of the debuffs from Beast wear off, there is no getting rid of those to my knowledge). But it's handy nonetheless in the later battle. I used Magik and Juggernaut as well. I set up those two as my hard hitters. Using chrono boosts and chrono accelerators to get them there two additional turns per round. As recommended by a fellow forum(er) I kept myself as the replenisher using lost pages, shwarma, and anything else the other two needed until the last round. By then it was pretty easy picking. Patience and proper iso-ing of characters will go a long way. I recommend for Juggernaut to max out everything except for Stamina and Evasion since he's a "tough" guy. Magik I iso'ed her up pretty evenly to the max with the exception of giving her more stamina since she uses so much. Good luck to you, hope it helps!

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    I just did it on the first try, without a single recharge or a single item.
    Scrapper quicksilver (lvl 13), scrapper Thor(lvl13), tactician agent (lvl300).
    Maybe I just got lucky.

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    I used Magneto level 13, and Magik Level 12. I used magik to take out beast to be able to heal. Then I used Chrono Accelerators to give haste to all my party members. Once you get through the wave with rogue and beast its a really easy fight.

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    If you have invisible woman at lvl 9 its pretty easy. I killed beast solo so he wasn't in the fight. Then I force caged rogue and started using items on her to gradually bring her down and healed up when apoc attacked. Second round called for back up and then kept X-23 force caged the entire time while i killed of iceman and apoc. Third round is Apoc solo. Just keep him force caged and use items on him til he's dead and dont forget to restore all you hp's to full and it will give you the points you need.

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    used qs13 and punisher 12 agent in inf suit. 2nd atempt. hard but like normal just have to think your way through it

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    DOOM lvl10, USE lvl9 on 2nd wave.
    My agent roll with 6iso general.
    Apocalypse Subjugator.
    KILL BEAST AS FAST AS YOU CAN, Use Scroll or LostPAge. then kill apocalypse, then rogue.
    Then Use DOOM CANON on 2nd wave. Use Subjugator on IceMan. then apo will be useless.
    3rd wave apo can't deal damage slowly kill him and when you can kill him USE ALL HEAL. DON'T KILL HIM UNTIL MAX HEALTH.
    got 104 the 1st time.

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