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Thread: Spider Woman Buff Ideas

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    Spider Woman Buff Ideas

    Here's my attempt to make Spider Woman relevant and stay true to the spirit of the character. Here ya go.


    Fear Pheromones.
    2 rounds
    High chance to apply fear pheromones on a opponent whenever attacked or attacking with a melee ability. Stackable up to 3 times. Does not apply to mechanical opponents.

    Triple agent.
    High chance to counter with Brawl when attacked by an avenger, agent of Hydra or agent of Shield. Hawkeye, Constrictor, Mocking Bird, Black Widow, Ms. Marvel and player agents all count as agents of Shield. Baron Strucker, Viper, Red Skull, and Spider Woman all count as agents of Hydra. This is stackable with Vengeance.

    Agent of Sword.
    25% chance to avoid attacks from Alien or Alien powered opponents. Such as Kree, Skrull, the Guardians of the Galaxy and members of the Nova force. Rouge, Ms. Marvel and Annihilation uniform Human Torch count as Alien or Alien powered characters.

    Level one Brawl
    Add combo set up
    High Crits

    Level two Venom Blast
    Causes biofeedback. Counts as poison.
    Doesn't work on mechanical targets.

    Level six Vengeance
    Quick action
    two rounds, counters attacks with venom blast
    applies one stack of Fear Pheromones on all opponents
    (Note, if Vengeance is active and Spider woman is attacked by a Avenger, Agent of Hydra or Agent of Shield, Spider woman has a chance to counter with both Brawl and Venom Blast).

    Level 9
    Pleasure Pheromones
    3 round cool down
    Stealthy, does not trigger counter attack or protect abilities.

    Removes all stacks of Fear Pheromones.
    Applies either mind control, or disoriented to all opponents. Lasts 2 rounds. Does not apply to mechanical opponents.

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    i think you nerfed her. this is terrible. no way this would happened, Annihilus ht really? is this a fake video?

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    No its an improvement.Im not really that impressed,but it still is an improvement.Its not bad either.

    I totally agree that fear pheromones should be a passive.
    And i like the new level 9 too.
    Although i wonder what disorientated or mindcontrol does to the targret.
    O wait,i know what the mindcontroll does,it makes the targret attack its own allie.
    Good one,very true to her character too.
    Still wonder what disoriented does though...

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    I'm not that impressed, her biggest issue is that she has weak attack, and that her level 6 and 9 don't do any damage.

    Her level 6 vengeance should be her level 2. Her level 2 Biofeedback sting should be her level 6 and do more damage. Her level 1 Brawl should have a chance to do a follow up attack on any enemy with Biofeedback. Her level 9 should be an AoE. She desperately needs an AoE.

    Fear Pheromone should be a passive and have a chance to trigger on any enemy that attacks her.

    (Disoriented makes the enemy attack his own ally, or sometimes even himself... my Psylocke killed herself once. Mind Control makes an enemy protect your team when his ally attacks. So really, kind of the same thing, both make the enemy attack their own allies.)

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    there arent any kree, skrull, guardian of the galaxy or nova force in the game. so agent of sword isnt a great passive

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