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Thread: [Bug] Season 2 Challenge mode Doctor Octopus

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    [Bug] Season 2 Challenge mode Doctor Octopus

    i tried it 4 times, i defeated him and when the screen pops up with the score, BAM!! game update and a refresh has to be done, when back at the mission map there he is!!! the refresh rollbacks my fight so the task isn't completed;

    every time i deal with forced refreshes something happens or doesn't when it should... i finished the Heir of Hell task and had an update window appear after 10 secs tops, after refresh the Heir of Hell was gone, i sent a ticket and they told me i can't get the weapon now but i can have some gold, 43 was the amount i was given, which is fine for now, but i WILL "KILL" YOU if you'll sell this weapon in the future for 64 gold!

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    I had the same problem with regular doc ock yesterday, it never resolved itself. today I am having the same issue with challenge mode vulture.

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    I am having the SAME exact problem. I have beaten Doc Ock at least 7 times now, each asking for a refresh after I win, meaning I have to replay the fight and it doesn't count. Can't progress unless this is fixed because it's part of the Season 2 quest chain. FIX IT.

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    My Solution was to use ONLY Gold weapons..... That allowed me to Win the attacks (including Vulture and Boomerang) in Advanced Mode....

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    Please sent us tickets if possible. It worked fine when I tried it so I'm not sure what is causing this issue.

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