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Thread: Please remove "claim your prize" and just give us the prize

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    Please remove "claim your prize" and just give us the prize

    Dear Playdom,

    Please here our plea. We cannot always be in front the computer. Sometimes we click ninety times at the beginning of an hour so our team can win Command Points only to personally lose the prize because we have to grocery shop, socialize with live people, or sleep. It’s cruel to dangle the treat before us then keep it.

    In addition, it is terribly frustrating when you then make us click “claim your prize,” then refresh, only to have it not work three to twenty times. Not to mention the times that box doesn’t even appear. We know that number of clicks per hour means better advertising dollars for you so just have us click forty times for the prize, which you then definitely get.

    Lastly, We desperately beg you to remove the “you could have won” box. We don’t need to be antagonized for having chosen to drive home from work and get stuck in traffic or having the gall to walk our dogs hence not spending every waking moment monitoring the site. Being mocked does not increase our chances of signing in more it makes us rant or play less.

    Consider being thoughtful and gracious to your dedicated gamers and we will in return be loyal and joyous.

    Warm Regards,

    Agent Sera V

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    The best thing I have ever seen posted on here. Small fix going to show that you care about your players.

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    I hope PD listen to us.

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    I agree... great idea!!!
    I hope they do this.

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    +1 !

    Agree 100%

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    Maybe time to post this in Ideas and Feedback?

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    I agree awesome idea

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    *sniff* This just warms the cockles of my heart.

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    While I do agree that the above mentioned can be quite a pain and at times feel totally unnecessary, I highly doubt that PD will "fix" this anytime soon.

    You'll find similar systems in a lot of other online games as well, this often to prevent players from using automation programs that can basicly play the game for you and not even require you to be present.

    When you look at the PD-point system in general, as it is now and even more inportant how it has been before, and take some of the highest ranked players into considderation, I'm certain that this has been the case in MAA as well. So when PD requires us to claim our rewards and to sometimes even refresh the game to actually get them, I'm sure that it's very much on purpose.

    However one can't help but thinking that there might be other alternatives out there, at least some that are less buggy and annoying

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    Yes. Yes. A thousand times, yes.

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