We are pleased to announce that Marvel: Avengers Alliance has moved to a new forum! This move is designed to enhance the community experience for all players on Playdom.com. Here are a few benefits you should find on the new forum:

-More advanced forum software that will allow for better management and organization of forum content.
-Improved communication from Playdom Administrators and Moderators via improved forum organization.
-More relevant threads in the forum summary below the game.
-Private messaging!

We think that these added benefits will make the move more than worth your while. To help with the transition, members will be able to transfer their forum names and post counts to the new forums when they log in to the new forum with the same playdom.com account.

In addition, we will leave the current forum open for the next month to allow members to transfer over information from any important posts or guides that you want to carry over to the new forum. While the forums will remain visible until at least 8/19/2013, they will be closed to new posts and edits starting on 7/18/2013.

We are excited about what this upgrade will mean for our Playdom.com communities, and hope you will join us! We invite you to come and explore the new forum.

To access the old forum, please go here: http://www.playdom.com/forum/viewforum.php?f=129
To view our Tutorial on using Private Messages, please go here: http://forums.playdom.com/showthread.php?623