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Thread: Pink geodes

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    Quote Originally Posted by marycookie View Post
    Too bad we can't gift our extras! I constantly get blue...purple is rare!
    Wish we could trade or gift ^.^ Probably would help during these labs and others like it.

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    The geode awards tend to be very lopsided. I was having a problem with pink for several days. In the past 2 days, however, I've recieved over 30 geodes, and NONE of them have been green!

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    I am also having issues getting the pink ones -at this could change though. I really cannot afford to buy the geode plants though I hear they have good xp and rep. Perhaps it will improve.

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    I think that it is completely random and whatever you need at the time, becomes rare! When I need the pinks, the purples drop and when I need the purples, the greens drop. I think there is no rhyme or reason. That is what keeps us coming back for more!

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